We are excited that we have a real pearl now in our HS Lights users team. Greete Steinburg is one of the leading female marathon racers in Estonia and has been also very successful abroad with several podiums in high level races. This year has been really special for her and she has made a huge leap forward in terms of racing quality and fitness. From this autumn Greete can lighten up her trails with HS Lights Trailhunter next to her neverending smile. From our team we wish her all the best for upcoming off season and lot of wins for next year. Go conquer the darkness Greete!  #hslights #trailhunter

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Our Trailhunter LED bicylce light set is findig its way to the handlebars of many cyclists.

Here is an unboxing and test video from one of our satisfied customer.


Today 09.02.2018 was a great winter day here in Estonia, Tallinn, with -12 Cand plenty of sunshine and snow. This time we handed over yet an other Trailhunter LED bicycle lamp set to the time trial machine Gert Jõeäär. Guy, who has been the member of Cofidis cycling team and knows a thing or two how to go really fast on two wheels. On this year Gert will participate in competitions on and off road here in Estonia under the colors of Veloplus and CFC. Everybody else will only try to beat him, as his main goal is to win everything what is here to win. This task just got a bit more complicated to others, because Gert can now go and ride on his favorite trails also in the dark evenings and this definitely will not make him any weaker.
We wish to Gert troubleless illuminated miles and lot of wins!
#hslights #trailhunter


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Today we handed over a Trailhunter bicycle LED lights set to estonia´s legendary triathlonist Marko Albert. Now its possible for him to train on his bicycle also in dark evenings and on early morning hours. This will help to prepare himself better for his season. We wish Marko all the best and great results on upcoming year.

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When choosing a light source we usually find ourselves in a struggle of understanding the different units mentioned on the labels of the products. Lets show some light on that topic and try to make it a bit more understandable and simple.

So what are those mysteries values?

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