About us

Who we are?

We are riders, who use bicycles all year around and regularly. Mainly for competitive cycling but also for a commuting.

We live in northern Europe, in Estonia, where autumns and winters are very dark and daylight is limited for only a few hours in a day and the weather can be described with something out of the TV serial Ice Road Truckers . So using proper lights on our rides is common.

We have over 10 years of experience selling and maintaining bicycles and it´s parts. We know what lasts and what not. We have participated in 24h races, where lights play big part in good result and secure ride.

Our first experience with bicycle lights date back to the end of last century (one of us even to 1980-s), when a good bicycle lamp was a dream from an other universe and no one knew anything about halogen , not to mention LEDs, what were straight out of the sci fi novel on these days.

Today science fiction has became a reality and we are happy to pass a little bit of it to You through our products.

Based on our experience riding our bikes in darkness, using different light sources we can tell what´s good and what´s not.

That what´s good we offer also to You - bicycle LED lights from users to users.

Enjoy Your ride!


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